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Security update

4 décembre 2020

Thanks to vigilant parents, a determined teacher, and our fabulous tech support, the blog has been updated so that videos do not involve ads or any links to youtube! Here’s another example of the power of parents and teachers working together. [If you notice other errors, please reach out to your French teacher. Merci beaucoup!]

Resources for Extra Practice (& Remote Learning)

To parents and students: I will be adding to this site throughout the school year, though I will be handling it differently than during the spring. Here, students and their families will find links to songs and other resources for additional practice.


  • Rather than organizing by grade level, I am posting by categories. In hindsight, this makes more sense, and seems more user-friendly.
  • On a mobile device (phone or tablet), there is a drop-down menu. On a computer, you will see the page choices displayed above.
  • Grades 6-8: Most of their work will be shared with them via Google Classroom.
  • Grades K-8: At least one packet will be provided. Whenever a students wants a new packet, the student or a parent/guardian should send me an email.
  • If parents or students have suggestions for making this site more useful to you, please send me an email.

— Madame B


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